McCarthy reappointed as Cork senior football manager

Cork County Executive are pleased to announce the reappointment of Ronan McCarthy as Cork senior football manager for a further two-year term.
His selectors will be as follows: Cian O’Neill (CIT), Sean Hayes (Nemo Rangers), John Hayes (Carbery Rangers) and Bobbie O’Dwyer (Macroom).
The committee wish to extend our sincere thanks to outgoing selector Gary O’Halloran (Ballinora) who departs for family reasons.
Commenting on the appointment, chairperson of Cork County Committee Marc Sheehan, thanked all involved, stating: “As we all hope for a return to the top table of Senior Inter-county football in the near future, on behalf of the board I wish to again recognise the incredible contribution of all involved, in particular Ronan, ahead of what we hope will be a productive two years.”

Rebel Óg announce plans for 2021 season

In 2021, Rebel Óg plan, in accordance with National Policy, to run their main age grades at Fé13, Fé15 and Fé17. As 2021 will be a transition year to these new main age grades, we will also organise competitions at Fé12, Fé14, Fé16 and Fé18. We will organise minor championships in both Fé17 and Fé18 to ensure that players with their 18th birthday in 2021 have a minor championship.

Rebel Óg are currently working on a revised fixture plan for 2021 taking into account the new situation with regard to main age grades, the decision to play both Fé17 and Fé18 championships in 2021, the requirement to provide a comprehensive and appropriate games programme for all players and feedback received from clubs. The exact programme of games will depend on the level of entries in each age grade and category. Clubs will be asked to submit an application on an online portal, indicating the age grades and the number of teams the club intends affiliating for 2021. Clubs will also be asked to indicate what grades they believe are most appropriate for their teams. We hope to have this portal available for entries on 4th January and entries will close on 9th January.

As the directive to change the main age grades came very late, at a stage where plans for 2021 were well advanced, the time available for grading and fixture planning is now quite tight so we appeal for co-operation from all clubs with the timeline.

We set out below, in broad outline, the provisional plan for each age group; all plans are subject to change depending on the Covid restrictions that may be in place during 2021:

Organising committees:

Regions: There are 4 regional committees in Rebel Óg; East, Mid-South, North, West.

These committees will organise Fé12, Fé13, Fé15, Fé17 and Fé18 competitions in the regions.

Rebel Óg County: This committee will organise Premier 1, Premier 2, County, Fé14, Fé16, C3 and competitions for second and third teams (Divisions 4, 5 and 6)

Fé6 to Fé11:

Fe6, Fe7, Fe8, Fe9, Fe10 & Fe11 will continue along the same lines as other years with the GDA’s running blitzes for Fe7 – Fe8 with Mini leagues for Fe9 – Fe 11 in all regions under the control of Rebel Óg Coaching and the GDA’s.

Main age grades, Fé13, Fé15, Fé17:

Fé13 Hurling and Football:

Rebel Óg County will organise Premier 1, Premier 2, C3 plus Div 4, Div 5 & Div 6 Leagues for second, third teams etc.

The Regions will organise Div 1, Div 2 & Div 3.

All Leagues will include semi-finals and finals.

As there are no calendar constraints for this age grade, competitions will run from March to October approx., exact details will depend on number of entries, grading etc.

Fé15 Hurling and Football:

Rebel Óg County will organise Premier 1 and Premier 2 (League and Championship), County Championships, C3 Leagues plus Div 4, Div 5 & Div 6 (League and Championship) for second, third teams etc.

The Regions will organise Div 1, Div 2 & Div 3 competitions (League and Championship).

All Fé15 Leagues will be run as Féile Leagues from March to mid-May; National Féile will be held on 26th June (hurling) and 3rd July (football).

Championships will run from July to October approx.

Fé17 Hurling and Football:

Rebel Óg County will organise Premier 1 and Premier 2 (Championship only), County Championships, C3 Leagues plus Div 4, Div 5 & Div 6 (Championship only) for second, third teams etc.

The Regions will organise Div 1, Div 2 & Div 3 competitions, (Championship only).

Championships will run from March to July with an exam break from mid-May to mid-June approx.

Fé18 Hurling and Football:

Rebel Óg County will organise Premier 1 and Premier 2 (Championship only), County Championships, Div 4, Div 5 & Div 6 (Championship only) for second, third teams etc.

The Regions will organise Div 1, Div 2 & Div 3 competitions, (Championship only).

Clubs entering this age grade must also enter Fé17. Championships will run from July to October.

C3 Leagues or Super 10 Competitions may be organised at Fé18 from July to October if there are sufficient entries to run viable competitions.


Clubs with sufficient player numbers can enter as many teams as they wish at Fé13, Fé15 and Fé17. These teams will play in Divisions 4, 5 and 6 which are exclusively for second, third and, where applicable, fourth teams. Rebel Óg recommends that clubs take up this option in order to provide adequate games opportunities for all players.

Secondary age grades, Fé12, Fé14, Fé16:
Clubs that wish to enter Fé12 must enter Fé13. Clubs that wish to enter Fé14 must enter Fé13 and Fé15. Clubs that wish to enter Fé16 must enter Fé15 and Fé17. Clubs that wish to enter Fé18 must enter Fé17.

Fé14 and Fé16 competitions are restricted to players “on the age”.

Fé12 Hurling and Football:

Div 1, Div 2 & Div 3 leagues will be run by the Regions. Exact games programme will depend on the level of entries but it will be similar to previous years.

As there are no calendar constraints for this age grade, competitions will run from March to October approx., exact details will depend on number of entries, grading etc.

Fé14 Hurling and Football:

Rebel Óg County will organise Leagues at this age grade for clubs that can field “on the age”, i.e in 2021, boys born in 2007. Championships will be organised in the later part of the year if fixture planning for Fé13 and Fé15 allows. This will be clarified when the exact level of entries is known.

As there are no calendar constraints for this age grade, competitions will run from March to October approx., exact details will depend on number of entries, grading etc.

U16 Hurling and Football:

Rebel Óg County will organise Leagues at this age grade for clubs that can field “on the age”, i.e in 2021, boys born in 2005. Clubs entering this age grade must enter Fé15 and Fé17. Championships will be organised in the later part of the year if fixture planning for Fé15, Fé17 and Fé18 allows. This will be clarified when the exact level of entries is known.

Competitions will run from March to October approx. with an exam break from mid-May to mid-June approx. Exact details will depend on number of entries, grading etc

The provisional plan for the scheduling of games is as follows;

Monday – Fé12 & Fé15 games

Wednesday – Fé14 & 17/18 games

Saturday – Fé13 & Fé16 games

This programme of games is intended to promote player retention and development; the good player will always get plenty of games but the weaker player may not, this programme will help all players to get adequate game time if the clubs plan accordingly. It is up to the clubs to lead by example. Clubs should enter sufficient teams to ensure that all of their players have a good programme of games without overusing the strong player or underusing the weaker player. “Games for all” needs to be our aim.

U21 to Adult level will be run in 2021 by the Senior Board as normal.

U18 competitions to take place in 2021

Statement from Cork County Board
In parallel with the confirmation of U17, U15 and U13 as the primary underage grades as per national policy, the County Executive, in consultation with Rebel Óg, now confirm the following:
For the 2021 season – U18 and U21 competitions will take place.
U18 competitions will be organised by Rebel Óg, with U21 competitions organised by divisions and CCB, as before.

This is for 2021 only and a decision on competitions for 2022 and beyond will follow in due course.

The formats and calendars for the various competitions will be confirmed once the national club and county calendar for 2021 is clearer.
We will continue to liaise with all to ensure that regular, meaningful games are provided for all players at child, youth and adult level.
While the new primary age grades will allow the decoupling of adult and youth games, thus facilitating far more expansive games programmes at the respective levels, two major concerns are obvious.
Firstly, the proximity of the 2021 season and the concern that boys already looking forward to the new year will miss their last year at Minor. This has now been addressed by the organisation of an U18 competition for 2021.
Secondly, the major issue of dropout in the GAA during the teenage years remains the primary concern. This will be addressed by introduction of the appropriate age grade(s) for 2022 to follow, be they at U18, U19, U20 or U21 . Of course, this transitionary grade will have to be considered in terms of the relative crossover on both underage and adult competitions.
Many thanks to all who submitted feedback on this matter with the shared objective of maximising participation at all levels.

Kevin O’Donovan,

Secretary / CEO,

Cork GAA.

Following on from this decision by the Cork County Board Rebel Óg can now confirm that, along with games at the primary national age levels, competitions will take place at all age levels from U12 to U18 inclusive in 2021.

Update on underage games for 2021

In light of Cork County board’s decision last night (see below) regarding the age groups for 2021,  Coiste na nOg are meeting with the Rebel Og CCC and the four regional boards to put together a comprehensive programme of games for 2021.
We ask that clubs be patient for a few days more, and we will contact all clubs outlining the steps we will need to take moving forward.
County Board decision
Following a County Executive meeting last night, it has been confirmed that Cork GAA will implement primary underage grades at U13, U15 and U17 level for 2021 as per national policy.
The Executive and Rebel Óg will continue discussions with regard to the most appropriate age grade / grades above this level, but no final decision will be made until there is further clarity regarding the national GAA calendar for 2021.
This will hopefully follow in the next week or so.
We thank all clubs for your patience on this matter and any feedback on the best approach after U17 is welcome.

Rebels’ Bounty going live this week

A message from Cork County Board
A Chara,  

 I’m delighted to let you know that Rebels’ Bounty is going live this week.  Tickets will be available on the website from 3pm Friday December 4th.  Each club secretary/draw coordinator will receive brochures in the post shortly to allow for sales to begin in clubs this weekend.  Tickets cost €100 each, and tickets will be sold directly by clubs or on line at 

 Rebels’ Bounty, is a new fundraising initiative designed to support Cork players, clubs and county. There is a new spectacular total prize fund of €500,000, with one lucky member set to win €100,000. 

 Rebels’ Bounty will provide clubs with a significant opportunity to raise funds at a time when traditionally fundraising has been impacted by restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

 In every monthly draw, there are 30 cash prizes, ranging from €100 to €20,000. In April and August, the top prize will increase to €25,000. In December, a bumper prize of €100,000 will be given away. The first draw will take place on Wednesday, February 24th where prizes will be drawn for January and February 2021. 

 All the funds raised by the Rebels’ Bounty will be directly and indirectly invested in Cork GAA clubs. The draw is designed to ensure that most of the funds are kept locally to help improve facilities and equipment, while the remainder will be used by Cork GAA to invest in programmes such as Rebel Óg and supports for inter-county players.  

 Speaking about the launch of Rebels’ Bounty Tracey Kennedy, chairperson of Cork GAA, said “The Rebels’ Bounty is a unique opportunity for clubs to raise funds locally, and keep those funds locally. This has been a difficult year for all our clubs, and we hope that members across Cork will stake their claim in the Rebels’ Bounty to support players from under 5s to inter-county. We hope that the new prize structure will provide an even better incentive for members to buy and for clubs to sell tickets. This prize fund will be distributed across the entire county. We would like to wish everyone the best of luck, and thank them for their efforts in supporting the future of our clubs and our county.” 

 I was also delighted to commend on the launch of this significant fundraising drive which has the ability to have a lasting impact for all clubs involved, “Following from the launch of One Cork we are now delighted to official announce details of Rebels’ Bounty, marking the beginning of a new fundraising era for Cork Clubs.  We have increased the prize fund to ensure maximum return for our members, with 30 prizes monthly.  We listened to our members and all 30 prizes are now in cash.  2020 has been a unique and difficult year for our clubs and I’m delighted to launch this appeal allowing clubs to raise vital funds at a time when it is extremely hard to do so.” 

 Clubs will receive brochures in the coming days, if you require additional information or have queries at any time, please contact Trina at   


Cork GAA has unveiled an ambitious new programme of investment and commercial activity that it expects will realise more than €20m in revenue over the next five years.

 The income – through commercial revenue including; Cork County Board and stadia sponsorship, concerts and stadium rental and advertising – will be used to invest heavily in clubs across Cork, and in a better resourced county structure.

 One Cork amalgamates all of the existing organisations working to further the sport across the county, including the Cork County Board, the Páirc Uí Chaoimh Stadium Board, Cairde Chorcaí, the clubs and the army of dedicated supporters of Cork GAA.

 The ambition of One Cork is to make Cork GAA one of the most successful sporting organisations in the country, both on and off the pitch. By investing properly in clubs, schools and county structures, One Cork will lay the groundwork for future success at every level from Rebel Óg to Inter-County.

 The plan will build upon a series of strategies in key areas, namely sponsorship, commercial opportunities at Páirc Uí Chaoimh, ticket sales and advertising.

 A group of dedicated Cork GAA supporters with vast commercial experience has been working on the commercial strategy for One Cork for a number of months. Their stated goal is to introduce a commercial engine that will deliver the required return to drive a vision and ambition for Cork GAA.

 In terms of sponsorship, One Cork is looking to activate a number of new opportunities that will realise the true potential of a world class stadium like Páirc Uí Chaoimh. This includes the naming rights for elements of “the Páirc”, its development as a national venue for events and its appeal as a year-round destination.

 One Cork will also look at using its existing real estate for new advertising opportunities, using a model that has worked extremely well for other sports.

  One Cork will deepen links with the clubs and their communities. The goal is to ensure that every player, from the 5-year-old starting out to the inter-county star, will see the benefits of the programme. This has already begun with the Rebels’ Bounty, a revamped draw format that will see clubs directly benefit from improved ticket sales.

 Seán Ó hÓrain, Uachtarán CLG said “One behalf of the wider Association I wish Cork well in their endeavours in establishing ‘One Cork’. The project is ambitious and innovative and has the potential, if fully supported by the wider Cork GAA family, to harness the huge goodwill that exists towards our games in what is the biggest county with the largest number of clubs in the GAA”. 

 Tracey Kennedy, chairperson of Cork County Board said, “One Cork realises a long-held ambition to drive Cork GAA forward united, as befits the largest county in Ireland. By embracing this vision of what Cork GAA should be, every member of every club will be on a firmer footing for the future, both in terms of finance and structure. From this point on, there is a single purpose – the success of the entire organisation with a view to benefitting all our players and all our clubs, and ensuring that the Rebel red is once again a regular feature in Croke Park. I would like to thank those who have given so much of their time to putting this plan in place, and I look forward to being part of the team that brings it to fruition.”

 Michael O’Flynn is part of the One Cork steering group. He said, “Cork GAA has always evoked passion from its supporters, but that passion wasn’t always translated into real commercial success that feeds its growth. I am happy to have been asked to lend my support, and I am proud that One Cork has developed a new vision for Cork GAA. Our plan will bring a strong commercial focus to our activities to ensure that at both club and inter-county level the necessary resources are in place to support players. What is crucial now is that we bring a real focus to executing successfully the plans that have been developed. I firmly believe that One Cork will result in tremendous growth at every level of the game, and I would ask every GAA supporter to become part of it”. 

 Ted Owens from Cairde Chorcaí said, “Our mission has always been to help Cork GAA teams to succeed at the highest level. We believe that this objective and our efforts to improve training facilities and support coaching can best be achieved under the One Cork model. Cairde Chorcaí looks forward to now being incorporated into One Cork, and we ask every GAA member here and abroad to fully support the initiative”. 

 The One Cork steering group includes: Kevin O’Donovan (Chairperson), Ted Owens (Vice-Chairperson), Michael O’Flynn, Jim Woulfe, Kieran Calnan, Tracey Kennedy, Marc Sheehan, Diarmuid Gowen, John Mullins, Tomás Mulcahy, Conor McCarthy, Seán O’Brien and Sinéad O’Keeffe.

Eight-year-old Michael writes poem to show his love for football

A poem sent in by eight-year-old Michael Lynch from Kilcorney National School, Rathcool, Mallow, with his thoughts on football and on Conor O’Callaghan, pictured.

Rebel Óg would like to thank Michael for taking the time to send the poem in.


Rebels Roar – Support our footballers

Although we can’t be there to cheer the players on physically – we plan on doing so virtually and we need YOU! 

We are asking all Cork schools to WEAR RED this coming Friday in support of the Cork Senior Footballers – who are set to play Tipperary on Sunday in the Munster Senior Football Final.

It couldn’t be easier all we need you to do is;

  1. Wear red this Friday. 
  2. Send in a video/picture of select class group/s showcasing your loudest Rebel Roar. Examples include ‘Up The Rebels’. 
  3. Forward all videos and pictures to 

*The group with the loudest roar will receive a special message from team captain Ian Maguire.

Competitions for next season

Rebel Óg notes and understands, the concerns raised by a number of clubs around the proposed league and championship structures for next season.

To clarify some of the issues surrounding competitions clubs can enter two, three, or even four teams if they have the numbers at the various age groups, as was the case this season.

From U14 up there will be both league and championship for all teams, but league only at C3 level, as is the case at present.

By implementing these changes Rebel Óg is aiming to ensure that all players get both league and championship games at the correct level for them. Stronger U13/15 players will naturally feature on U14/16 teams, but sometimes a player ‘on the age’ then loses out.

But running competitions for second, third, fourth and C3 sides the aim is to ensure all players get meaningful games, and hopefully will continue to play into adult level for their respective clubs.

Below is the email sent to all club secretaries last night.

A number of clubs have queried the proposal to run competitions for second Fe14 and Fe16 teams and also the competitions at Fe13 and Fe15. We wish to address those concerns, as follows:

1. The primary aim of our Fixture Plan is to provide a meaningful and appropriate games programme for all players.

2. Fe13 and Fe15 competitions have, heretofore, been organised to cater for clubs with large numbers of players. These competitions were primarily intended to cater for clubs that could field “on the age” thus allowing a full programme of games at every age group for those clubs. Most clubs in Cork do not enter Fe13 and Fe15; the average number of entries in recent years is 28 at Fe13 and 23 at Fe15 (out of 130 clubs including independent teams). These competitions were run by the Central Region in the past, North, Mid-South, East and West Regions did not run competitions at Fe13 or Fe15.

3. There have been a number of issues relating to the running of Fe13 and Fe15 competitions;


(i). Very few clubs field “on the age”. Strong Fe13 players are used to augment the Fe14 team (and sometimes the Fe15 team) resulting in weaker Fe14 players getting limited game time and the stronger Fe13 players playing too many games; the same issue applies to Fe15/Fe16/Minor. This will be particularly relevant in 2021 as the games will almost certainly be run under Covid Guidelines. By having two teams at Fe14 and Fe16 divided into a stronger and weaker team, clubs are providing a full and meaningful programme of games for the broadest number of players, encouraging greater active participation and avoiding the stronger players at Fe13 and Fe15 playing in too many games and the weaker players not getting sufficient meaningful game time.


(ii). Rebel Og runs a very full and busy programme of games across all regions. Clubs have regularly objected to playing Fe13 and Fe14 on the same day or on consecutive days, likewise at Fe15 and Fe16; running two teams at Fe14 and Fe16 will significantly address this issue.


4. The proposed format allows maximum flexibility for clubs, enabling them to provide a suitable game programme for all of their players, as follows:

(i). A club can enter a first team and a C3 team (where 10 players only are tied, note that there cannot be a championship at C3, under general rule)

(ii). A club can enter a first and second team.

(iii). A club can enter a first and second team and a C3 team. If clubs wish to enter 3rdor 4th

teams this can be accommodated if there are enough entries.

5. Clubs will be required to prove that they have the players to fulfil their entries, if requested. Clubs that enter a second team must submit a list of 15 players who are first team players only. There has been a history recently of clubs entering competitions and then pulling out shortly after competitions start when they realise that they don’t have sufficient numbers of active players to field in accordance with the fixture programme, thus ruining the competition structure for the remaining teams.

6. The second teams will be in a group with second teams only (and 3rdor 4thteams where applicable). Second teams will not be allowed enter in the regional competitions at Division 1, 2 or 3 level, for the reason outlined in point 5 above.

7. Having a second team means that all players will have a season long games programme, including a championship, improving participation at all levels. (Note; There is no championship permitted for Fe13 under General Rule).

8. All other eligible players, outside of the named 15, can play with both teams until championship. Players who play championship with the first team cannot subsequently play with the second team, in accordance with general rule.

9. We recommend that there would be separate mentors for each team, where available.

10. There will be Fe13 and Fe15 competitions organised, commencing in summer for Fe13 and later for Fe15, the format will be decided when the entries are finalised. There will be a minimum of 4 games in each code for each team, where numbers allow.

11. The Fair play rule is to be used, for second teams, in accordance with the regulations of Rebel Óg.

12. Rebel Óg encourages clubs, where possible, to avoid having individual players playing on more than two teams in each code. The purpose of this policy is twofold; to encourage the broadest possible participation in our games and to avoid player burnout. The Official Guide (6.17 Part 1) allows players from 4 years to play in an age group, apart from Fe12 down, where it is limited to 3 years.

Our aims

  • To provide the best playing experience for all of our players.
  • To structure our games programme to allow players of all abilities to reach their potential.
  • To develop and implement a fixtures plan that gives reasonable certainty as to when games will be played to clubs, mentors, players and their families.
  • To improve participation and performance across all age grades and levels of our games.

Cork minor and U20 games paused

Minor and U20 Competitions

Following clarification from the Department of Sport around the staging of inter-county fixtures, the GAA can confirm that as of midnight this evening, (Wednesday, October 21), all minor and U20 inter-county competitions are paused until further notice.

Accordingly, Saturday’s scheduled EirGrid GAA U20 football final meeting of Dublin and Galway will not take place.

This evening’s Bord Gáis Energy Leinster U20 hurling fixtures will proceed.

Additionally, the GAA’s CCCC has been informed that Longford will not be fulfilling their Allianz Football League fixture with Cork this weekend.