U18 competitions to take place in 2021

Statement from Cork County Board
In parallel with the confirmation of U17, U15 and U13 as the primary underage grades as per national policy, the County Executive, in consultation with Rebel Óg, now confirm the following:
For the 2021 season – U18 and U21 competitions will take place.
U18 competitions will be organised by Rebel Óg, with U21 competitions organised by divisions and CCB, as before.

This is for 2021 only and a decision on competitions for 2022 and beyond will follow in due course.

The formats and calendars for the various competitions will be confirmed once the national club and county calendar for 2021 is clearer.
We will continue to liaise with all to ensure that regular, meaningful games are provided for all players at child, youth and adult level.
While the new primary age grades will allow the decoupling of adult and youth games, thus facilitating far more expansive games programmes at the respective levels, two major concerns are obvious.
Firstly, the proximity of the 2021 season and the concern that boys already looking forward to the new year will miss their last year at Minor. This has now been addressed by the organisation of an U18 competition for 2021.
Secondly, the major issue of dropout in the GAA during the teenage years remains the primary concern. This will be addressed by introduction of the appropriate age grade(s) for 2022 to follow, be they at U18, U19, U20 or U21 . Of course, this transitionary grade will have to be considered in terms of the relative crossover on both underage and adult competitions.
Many thanks to all who submitted feedback on this matter with the shared objective of maximising participation at all levels.

Kevin O’Donovan,

Secretary / CEO,

Cork GAA.

Following on from this decision by the Cork County Board Rebel Óg can now confirm that, along with games at the primary national age levels, competitions will take place at all age levels from U12 to U18 inclusive in 2021.