Go Games are ready to go!

Please note that Go Games (U7-U11) will start on Saturday,  June 12. Please see attached dates for matches at end of message.
All Games will be fixed for Saturday mornings.
U7s at 10am.
U8s and U9s at 11am.
U10s and U11s at 12.15pm.
Mentors may choose to move Games if needed a small bit. But our advice is to stick to the schedule. Let parents know the times and dates at the start and stick to it.
Equipment is as follows:
U7 First Touch Football and Quick/First Touch sliotar.
U8 First Touch football and Quick Touch sliotar.
U9 Quick Touch football and Quick Touch Sliotar.
U10 Quick Touch Football and Quick Touch Sliotar.
U11 Smart Touch Football and Smart Touch Sliotar.
Pitch and team sizes as follows:
U7 is 5 a-side on a 35 x 25m pitch.
U8 is 7 a-side on a 45 x 30m pitch.
U9 is 7 a-side on a 55 x 30m pitch.
U10 is 9 a-side on a 65 x 40m pitch.
U11 is 9 a-side on a 70 x 40m pitch.
Host club are responsible for providing referees for each match. We recommend that each referee gets €10 from each team taking part. So, if there are 3 Team X vs 3 Team Y, we will need 3 referees. At the first game, each team pays the referee €10 each,  so the 3 referees in this situation get €20 each for the morning matches. If clubs have a separate arrangement for home referees, that is up to them. But every visiting team has to pay €10 per referee. An online Young Whistlers Course will be provided by our County Referees Group in advance of the first round of games. Exact date and time will be confirmed asap.
6.) Fixtures and opposition for the first set of matches will be distributed in the coming days as they are just being finalised. The schedule will primarily be based on geography and limiting travel as much as possible.

Message to clubs as fixtures go live on website

A chara,

The Rebel Óg fixtures for June 2021 are now live on the website. The Championship fixtures will follow shortly.

The Preseason Games for Fé18 & Fé15

Two preseason games in both codes from the 7th of June have been organised to facilitate the return to play of all players many of whom have not played since last summer. This was initiated on the request of clubs to give teams a chance to see who is available to play and to build up a level of match fitness before competitive games start this year.

Due to Covid and the inevitable time constraints that follow at Fé18 & Fé15 it may not be possible to play a league competition. It is hoped that clubs will use these games to get players back playing and to prepare for Championship We are asking mentors not to put pressure on the leaving cert students to play in these games.

Fé13 and Fé12 competitions

This year the Fé13 & Fé12 competitions will be played in 2 phases, with the first phase beginning the week of the 7th of June starting with hurling then football every other week. Each team will have 3 games in each code.

When the teams have played their 3 games in each code the CCC will look at the groups and divide into larger groups for the rest of the year. There will be finals in phase 2, with cup and shield trophies at the end of the season.

Fé16 & Fé14

Fé16 and Fé14 league competitions will begin on the 7th of June.

Fé15 C3 league.

Rebel Óg will be running this competition in 2 phases with each team having 3 games in each code in phase 1. The CCC will then look at the groups for phase 2 which will run to the end of the season.

Rebel Óg games to start with hurling

A chara

Games will commence as allowed by Croke Park from the 7th of June onwards.

In the month of June there will be 2 rounds of hurling 2 rounds of football league games at U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, and U18.

We will start with hurling week 1 followed by football week 2, hurling week 3, and football week 4 in the format as follows

Monday: U15 C3 and U12

Tuesday: U13 C3

Wednesday: U14 and U18

Thursday: U13 In the West & North Regions

Friday: U13 in Premier, East & Mid regions

Saturday: U15 and U16

Sunday: U15  second teams and U18 C3

Rules and regulations will follow shortly.

More detailed fixtures will be sent to all clubs early next week.

Covid update for counties and clubs

Information for Clubs

Adult and Underage Training: From Monday, May 10th, both adult and underage training are permitted on a full contact basis in pods of 15 for all Gaelic Games teams in the 26 Counties. Games (including challenge games) will not be permitted until June 7th.

In the 6 Counties, full contact training for panels is permitted without any reference to pods; games are also currently permitted.

GAA Injury Benefit Fund cover remains in place until May 31st, 2021 based on 2020 team registrations as previously communicated. Details on the 2021 GAA Injury Benefit Fund cover/registration will issue in due course.

Indoor use of facilities: We wish to remind all clubs that the use of indoor facilities for GAA activity is not permitted.

Gym facilities must remain closed (exception: A player on an inter-county panel may use their relevant Club Gym for individual training as long as they are following the advice in the Inter-County Return to Training and Play document)

The only instances where indoor facilities for non-GAA activities can be used are where:

  1. agreement was in place prior to March 2020.

  2. relevant insurance is in place and

  3. The activity is one permitted at a given point in time under the Government’s “Resilience and Recovery – the Path Ahead” or in line with Executive protocols in the North.

Use by State bodies (e.g., HSE/Dept of Health/Dept of Education) is also permitted.

In the 6 Counties, Social Clubs/Bars serving both alcohol and food are permitted to open (serving outdoors only) in line with Executive protocols and subject to compliance with the relevant licensing laws.

Membership: Please note that May 31 is the date by which members must be registered and paid by in order to have voting rights at the next club AGM. All playing members must be registered in advance of returning to play/train on Foireann in order for Injury Fund cover to be in place.

Officer Training: All Officer Training should continue to be delivered online. Outdoor coaching education courses may be held but are subject to a 15-person maximum.

Information for Counties:

Use of Buses for travel: The capacity limits for bus travel have increased from 25% of capacity to 50% of capacity from  Monday, May 10.

Training Camps: A reminder to all Counties that Training Camps involving overnight stays are not permitted in 2021.

Minor/U20 Challenge Games: Challenge matches at Minor and U20 inter-county levels cannot take place until June 7 under Government regulations.

Training for Talent Academy Squads: Training for Talent Academy squads can take place from June 5th – a full policy in this regard, including relevant dates for games, will be circulated in the coming days.