Go Games are ready to go!

Please note that Go Games (U7-U11) will start on Saturday,  June 12. Please see attached dates for matches at end of message.
All Games will be fixed for Saturday mornings.
U7s at 10am.
U8s and U9s at 11am.
U10s and U11s at 12.15pm.
Mentors may choose to move Games if needed a small bit. But our advice is to stick to the schedule. Let parents know the times and dates at the start and stick to it.
Equipment is as follows:
U7 First Touch Football and Quick/First Touch sliotar.
U8 First Touch football and Quick Touch sliotar.
U9 Quick Touch football and Quick Touch Sliotar.
U10 Quick Touch Football and Quick Touch Sliotar.
U11 Smart Touch Football and Smart Touch Sliotar.
Pitch and team sizes as follows:
U7 is 5 a-side on a 35 x 25m pitch.
U8 is 7 a-side on a 45 x 30m pitch.
U9 is 7 a-side on a 55 x 30m pitch.
U10 is 9 a-side on a 65 x 40m pitch.
U11 is 9 a-side on a 70 x 40m pitch.
Host club are responsible for providing referees for each match. We recommend that each referee gets €10 from each team taking part. So, if there are 3 Team X vs 3 Team Y, we will need 3 referees. At the first game, each team pays the referee €10 each,  so the 3 referees in this situation get €20 each for the morning matches. If clubs have a separate arrangement for home referees, that is up to them. But every visiting team has to pay €10 per referee. An online Young Whistlers Course will be provided by our County Referees Group in advance of the first round of games. Exact date and time will be confirmed asap.
6.) Fixtures and opposition for the first set of matches will be distributed in the coming days as they are just being finalised. The schedule will primarily be based on geography and limiting travel as much as possible.