Club based mini-U8 blitzs details

On Sunday afternoon details of the first Club Mini U8 Football Blitz was announced.

Organised by Rebel Og Coaching GDA Colm Crowley, the blitzes take place on April 28th.

In total 113 clubs will enter an amazing 234 teams across 24 host venues.

Across all the pitches, there will be 351 games taking place with over 2,000 players playing.

U8 Football Blitz to take place

Big weekend in Rebel Og Monster Blitz as U8 Football Blitz set to take place.

This season will see some changes in the Rebel Og Coaching Monster Blitzes.

The opening competition for 2018 season will see U8 footballers from around Cork City and County making their way to Páirc Uí Chaoimh.

On Monday afternoon, the booking for this event opened and clubs MUST fill in this form to book their place on the course.

Time shots for the event will be confirmed once all bookings have been made.

To book your clubs place on Saturday 24th March all you need to do is click the fill and follow the instructions

Registration will close at 6pm on Friday 16th of March and clubs will be notified of their time frame on Saturday 17th of March.



The Rebel Óg Coaching Benchmarking 2020 Vision winners have been announced.

Winners are divided in to 3 categories with the top clubs receiving the “Gold” accolade and the silver and bronze being awarded based on criteria set out at the start of each year.

The criteria is designed to point clubs in the direction of coaching and games best practice to help them improve playing standards and increase participation at player and mentor level.

2017 has seen the highest ever number of applications with 106 clubs applying for accreditation.

Games Manager, Kevin O Callaghan says “it shows the great work going on in our clubs throughout the county and all our club Coaching Officers deserve huge credit for the effort they put in to steering their clubs to achieve accreditation. Our GDA’s also deserve immense credit for the work they do in supporting the clubs and  Coaching Officers throughout the county. I would like to congratulate all clubs on their accreditation and would encourage clubs to strive towards achieving the Gold standard by 2020 or before it.”

Clubs who have been successful are invited to attend a workshop on Saturday next February 24th in Pairc Ui Chaoimh. The clubs will receive their awards on the day and the club coaches will be treated to 3 workshops. Jason Ryan (football), Kieran Kingston (hurling) and Dr Ed Coughlan (Skills acquisition) will work with coaches and demonstrate models of best practice that coaches can take back to their own club players for the year ahead.


Details of the winners are below.

U15 Inter divisional blitz takes place

This weekend Rebel Og held the inter divisional competition on Sunday last in Páirc Uí Chaoimh in astro pitch.

Four squads took part in the tournament in conjunction with Rebel Og Coaching with Rebel Og East coming out on top.

Sunday, the U16 inter divisional competition also took place.

Rebel Og Coaching announce details of groups for U11 to U9 games


On Thursday, Colm Crowley,Cork GDA, who over sees the organisation of U11, U10 and U9 competitions for Rebel Og Coaching announced details of the forth coming competitions.

These competitions will take place over the next number of weeks and months as part of the Go Games Programme that Rebel Og are putting in place for this season.



Teams have been broken in to different sections and areas. Clubs have had the choice to enter either 1, 2, or 3 team into the competitions, they then have been groups according to areas so that teams are all travelling in the same general area.


Full information on the leagues, dates etc will be confirmed in the coming days and posted however, March 24th will be the day the football leagues throw in while hurling will start on April 7th.


U11 Football

U11 Hurling


















U10 Hurling


U10 Football

U9 Football





U9 Hurling




Monster Blitzes 2018

Image result for monster blitzRebel Óg Coaching Monster Blitz Program for 2018.

Each club is invited to attend blitzes at their respective age group. Each team has the option of several blitzes in each code and we will be hosting almost 300 blitzes in venues all over the county between March and October. Monster Blitzes 2018 can have anything from 100 to 400 children participating on a weekly basis, with up to 300 teams representing clubs every week. There will be 6/7 venues hosting a blitz every week. Up to 10,000 children participate in the Blitzes on a monthly basis. Dates are similar to previous years, with one significant change to the programme.

Last season, clubs moved into a League structure for the year. Following consultation with clubs, this program seemed to be of greater benefit and enjoyment to the mentors, parents and participating children. With this in mind, the age groupings are as follows for U9 (only boys born in 2009 are eligible for this league, U8’s are not allowed as they will have blitzes the same days) and U10 teams in 2018.  U8’s and U7’s will remain at the Monster Blitz stage.

To Register for Monster blitz – CLICK HERE

If you have any queries about the league, we suggest you talk to the outgoing u10 mentor in the club and he will fill you in on any information required before the regional meetings in March. Last thing to note, U8, U9 and U10 matches are going to be scheduled for Saturday mornings, Monster Blitz at 10.15, U9 at 11am and U10 at 12.15pm, so pitches will be available at different times for games.


GDA Contacts

POB Paudie O’Brien 086-7725411
NC Noel Crowley 086-8375061
JMC James McCarthy 087-7799531
SC Sean Crowley 086-0548533
CC Colm Crowley 086-3687799
SS Shane Supple 087-4327261
PS Pat Spratt 086-8922800

Before the Blitz

1.) Registration on will open at 1pm each Monday before respective Blitz and close at 6pm.

  1. If a venue is not listed online, then the venue is either full or unavailable.
  2. Venues will fill up on a first come, first served basis, so please be conscious of this when applying.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email Wednesday night to confirm your venue.
  4. If, for whatever reason, your status changes (e.g. having to withdraw, change number of teams entered, please inform the GDA at your confirmed venue via text asap.
  5. Each club is requested to supply a young referee for their teams. If you have 1 team, 1 ref needed, if you have 3 teams, 2 refs needed etc.
  6. Each club to have their own supply of Balls for matches, as listed across and clearly mark equipment.

2.) Once you are registered and have selected a venue, please note that this is your venue, unless you hear otherwise from the GDA in charge. Due to venues filling up or being over/under subscribed, the chosen venue may change, but the GDA in charge will contact you directly in this circumstance.

3.) If there are any changes on your side re: number of teams entered changing or unavailability for whatever reason, you should contact the GDA in charge as soon as possible. Each venue has a reference initial beside it on the Poster, these initial’s are unique to each GDA and that GDA is the person you should contact. (see contact details below)

To Register for Monster blitz – CLICK HERE

Day of the Blitz

1.) Arrive at 9.45am at the designated venue.

2.) Lead mentor must meet the coordinator, who will assign your teams to their pitches.

3.) Games are 20 mins long (10 mins per half)  1st Game-10.15am, 2nd Game – 10.45am and 3rd Game –11.15am. Coaches should be punctual with half time and pre game team talks. Less talking = More playing time. Please respect the times and start and finish on the appointed times only.

4.) GDA in charge, may in places use a hooter system to designate end times for half time and full time. Lead mentor should ask GDA if that is happening on the morning of the match.

5.) Please respect the facilities of the host club. Move goals slightly if goal mouth is getting muddy.

6.) The object is to get all children playing, while team numbers are important teams should always try to accommodate other teams, player numbers on the pitch, weaker teams v weaker teams etc

7.)  After each game teams line up and shake hands

8.)  Keep all equipment,bags, water bottles etc off playing pitch area and place it behind goals where possible

9.) While every effort is made to line out the largest pitch size possible, this may change due to numbers attending

10.) The rules are the basis for every game however if, and only if 2 teams agree, they may change a rule for that game only.

11.) Each team should bring Water and carry a First Aid kit

12.) Mentors stay off the field of play and remain on the sidelines. Language from sidelines to be encouraging and polite at all times. The only person allowed on the field of play apart from players is the referee.

13.)  Every effort will be made to use poles as goals however in the event that is not possible cones are to be used.

14.)  Equipment should be respected at all times and after final game of blitz teams are asked to gather cones, poles etc and bring them to gate of pitch.

15.)  Warm up drills kept to basic no need for 20 min warm ups before games etc.

16.)  Clubs to supply young referees where possible and adverse comments from the sideline towards these referees is not allowed.

17.) Players must have Helmets for hurling and Gumshields for football.

18.) Clubs to wear team colours where possible

19.) Clubs should try balance out teams and play for fun rather then to beat the other team out the gate, common sense dictates that it’s not good for anyone to be winning or losing by cricket scores.

20.) Its all about taking part and getting used to playing as a team so Fun, Fair Play & Respect should be encouraged at all times

21.) Sadly, club mentors and parents must be reminded that heated discussion/exchanges verbal or otherwise between opposing mentors etc is not allowed. If there is a problem on the day, speak with the GDA in Charge. Do not take matters into your own hands. This will not be tolerated or allowed and may prevent your team being invited to further blitzes.

Other information

All information needed is on the website. Rules, venues and dates of blitzes are on the posters which will be distributed. If there are any queries, Mentors should go to the website as the first port of call. Only then should you need to contact a GDA. A lot of time has been put into developing the website up to the current standard and we would appreciate that coaches, mentors and parents would use this as the first port of call for all queries.

Monster Blitzes Pitch Layout


Football Rules go games logo 3 Monster Blitzes 2016

o First Touch Football only
o 7 a side
o One hop, one solo.
o Keeper takes Kick Out
o Player fouled takes free
o Player closest to sideline to take
o In the case of a one sided match, coaches to take action to balance teams and make changes e.g. after a score, restart with a throw in in mid field.

Hurling Rules

go games logo 3 Monster Blitzes 2016

o Quick Touch Sliotar only
o 7 a side
o Ground Hurling only
o Keeper can take puck out from hand, may not lift in open play.
o Keeper may not score from a puck out/deflection
o 45/Frees struck on ground only
o Player fouled to take free
o In the case of a one sided match, coaches to take action to balance teams and make changes e.g. after a score, restart with a throw in in mid field.

To Register for Monster blitz – CLICK HERE


Referees In-service Courses 2018

All referees who officiate at our games are required to complete an In-service course on an annual basis. The following is the list of such courses being held in the county in 2018;

Tuesday 16th January   
Venue:  Lisgoold GAA @ 7.30pm

Thursday 25th January        
Venue: P. Ui Rinn @ 7.30pm

Monday 29th January
Venue: Mallow @ 7.30pm

Thursday 8th February          
Venue: Coachford @ 7.30pm

Thursday 15th February               
Venue Clonakilty @ 7.30pm

Thursday 22nd February               
Venue: Bantry @ 7.30pm 

Basic Level 1 Foundation Course for new referee’s  – 3 nights
Each club is asked to identify at least one new referee and forward their contact details to Ger Harrington Referee Administrator.

Venue: Pairc Ui Rinn            
Tuesday 6th March @ 7.30pm
Thursday 8th March @ 7.30pm   
Tuesday 13th March @ 7.30pm

Football squads session takes place

Rebel Og Squads

Busy day in Paric Ui Chaoimh for squads.

On Saturday afternoon, over 120 U14 footballers travelled to the astro truf pitch in Pairc Uí Chaoimh.

The game was a training session for teams from Rebel Og City East, West, North and Mid.

Under the watchful eye of the their local GDA and mentors the players took part in the games as part of their winter training programme.

Under cold sun down the banks of the Lee, the Cork footballers of tomorrow began their developement and dreams of one day representing Cork in Pairc Uí Chaoimh and other grounds wearing the red of Cork.

Thanks to all players, mentors, GDA’s and parents who’s support is vital in our development programme. 

GAA Foundation Course

GAA Foundation Course


The GAA Foundation Course is the first step in coaching at any age level. Foundation Courses are open to all Clubs, Schools, Individuals & Sporting organisations. With legislation now in place its advisable that all adult mentors and coaches of teams must have a minimum of Foundation Course completed before they can become a coach.

This also applies to Cul Camps, Easter Camps & Halloween Camps etc. (this does not apply to younger club members helping out at these camps) . There must be a certified Coach in charge at all times for any club activity involving games, training or camp activities.

The Foundation Course is also the first step in progressing to Award 1 and Award 2. Going forward clubs will have to have coaches qualified at Award 1 or Award 2 involved in their adult teams to comply with legislation. As a “Foundation Coach” you must be either coaching/assisting or actively involved with an underage team & you must attend a minimum of 2 workshops provided by Cork Coaching & Games throughout the year.

The Foundation Award course is aimed at beginner coaches and will enable participants to assist a coach in the organisation of activities to develop Hurling or Gaelic football. The course is 7 ½ hours in duration (or 9 hours for dual hurling and football course) and covers 4 key modules, as well as Introductory and Conclusion modules.

These 4 modules are:

• Introduction to Games

• Skill Development

• Movement Skills

• Coaching Children, Youths and Adults

The focus of the course is the development of the ‘How to Coach’ skills by placing the participant in situations that they will face as coaches – the organisation of games activities, activities to develop skill and activities to develop the various movement skills.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

• Assist a coach in organising a programme of Games and Skill Development activities appropriate to each participants needs and abilities

• Identify the Skills of Hurling and Gaelic Football

• Assist a coach in organising progressive activities (drills and fun games) to develop 5 key skills

• Assist a coach in organising progressive activities to develop movement skills appropriate to Gaelic games

• Assist a coach in organising and managing players for an effective practice session

• Demonstrate the How to Coach Skills – Build Rapport, Observe, Analyse, Explain, Provide Demonstration and Provide Positive Feedback to Players


If your club wishes to run a Foundation Coaching Course in the 7 month period between October and April contact your club secretary first. Your club secretary will have to contact Coach Education Officer Shane Supple to check availability and book your course at

A course can only be booked by the club secretary through Shane Supple. The course fees are €250 per course, payable before the course starts. If a school wishes to run a Foundation course pleases contact Shane Supple Coach Education Officer Shane Supple at

Guideline & Requirements for Foundation Course Certification

• Any person wishing to receive a Foundation Certificate must provide proof from the club Coaching Officer that they have assisted in a minimum of 8 coaching/training sessions with their club. (A letter on headed paper signed by the Coaching Officer stating the location, dates and times these sessions took place will be required) This does not stop anyone from doing the course, this is to receive your Certificate afterwards
Download form here Foundation Course Coaching Officer verification form 2017

• Any Person wishing to receive a Foundation Certificate must attend at least 2 workshops run by Cork Coaching & Games during the year. Registration at Workshop on the night will suffice

• Any Person wishing to receive a Foundation Certificate must provide proof from the club Coaching Officer that they have completed the “Child Protection Awareness Workshop”.(A letter on headed paper signed by the Coaching Officer stating the location, date and time this workshop took place will be required) This does not stop anyone from doing the course, this is to receive your Certificate afterwards.  Download form here Foundation Course Child Protection Awarness Workshop verification form 2017

• Any Person wishing to receive a Foundation Certificate must provide proof of Garda Vetting. Notification from club secretary or Coaching Officers stating you have done Garda Vetting will suffice.This does not stop anyone from doing the course, this is to receive your Certificate afterwards

• Any Person wishing to receive a Foundation Certificate must complete all modules of the course.

• Any Person wishing to receive a Foundation Certificate must be over 18 years of age.

• Any Person wishing to receive a Foundation Certificate must supply to the course tutor the following information. Name, Address, DOB, Gender, Phone, Club, Email. (without this information your Cert cannot be processed)

• Complete payment for the course by the individual or club.

*It is up to the participant to complete and provide all of the above before you will receive your Foundation Certificate.

**If you are not a member of a club ie: teacher or person in 3rd level education you can still attend a course but please contact Shane Supple regarding your circumstances.

Foundation Courses for Clubs

Courses are run for 7 months of the year so if your club wishes to complete a Foundation Coaching Course during any the following months October, November, December, January, February, March & April the club secretary will have to book your course with Coach Education Officer Shane Supple at at least 4 weeks in advance of your course.

• Your club has to have a minimum of 12 participants to run a course

• Participants must be Over 18 years of age to complete a GAA run Foundation Course. Students can take part in courses run in Schools for TY.

• Participants who do not complete the full course will not receive certification

• The cost of a Foundation Course for a club is €250 for up to 20 participants.

• A Deposit & Administration Fee of €25 must be paid online before any course will be registered and tutors assigned.

• If your club will have more than 20 participants the cost will be €450 as two tutors are required

• All payments for courses are to be paid in advance of course beginning

• Please let Shane Supple know the number of participants you believe you club will have for your course when you are booking

• Bookings are to be made by email through your club secretary only.

• The Foundation Coaching Course is 9 hours for a Dual Course and 7.5 hours for a single code

• The course can be done in the following formats: 3 hrs on a Friday night and 6 hrs on the Saturday OR over 2 weeknights either in the same week or spread out over 2 or 3 weeks

• When you are booking please give details of which format you would like and what date you would like

• Dates will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so we cannot guarantee the date you are looking for

Please refer to Guideline & Requirements for Foundation Course Cerification which applies to anyone wishing to take a course

Facilities for a GAA Foundation Course

To run a GAA Foundation Course in your club you will need the following facilities

• Clubs need a hall minimum 2 badminton courts in size (preferably bigger)

• Clubs need a meeting room capable of holding the number of people who will be doing the course

• Access to a Pitch or Astro Turf area or Training pitch will be needed.

Individual Bookings

If your club does not have 12 participants to run your own course or you are not a member of your local GAA Club we can still accommodate you

• Individuals can email Coach Education Officer Shane Supple at with their names and include the following details – Name, Club, Mobile Number and Email Address and the course they wish to attend.

• Club secretaries can also email Coach Education Officer Shane Supple at with the Names, Club, Mobile Numbers and Email Addresses of members of their club who wish to do a Foundation Course

• The cost for an individual is €20

• Payment by individuals is to be made at the course they attend or they can pay online here before hand

• If payment is not secured participants cannot complete the course and will not receive certification

• Participants must be over 18 years of age to complete a GAA run Foundation Course. Students can take part in courses run in Schools for TY.

• Participants who do not complete the course will not receive certification

• After individuals names are submitted they will be contacted as to what club course they can attend

• We will endeavor to place individuals on club courses convenient to them

If there are no club courses suitable and if numbers suffice a course will be organised for these individuals at a convenient location. Please refer to Guideline & Requirements for Foundation Course Cerification which applies to anyone wishing to take a course

GAA Foundation Course for Schools

If a school wishes to run a Transition Year Students Foundation course pleases contact Shane Supple Coach Education Officer Shane Supple at or your local GDA.


Child Protection Awareness Workshop

As part of the basic GAA Approved Foundation/Award 1 course, each person must complete a “Child Protection Awareness Workshop” before they receive certification and its up to the club to provide this workshop for participants. If any club or individual’s are taking part in a GAA Foundation Course they must also complete a Child Protection Workshop before they can receive certification for Foundation Courses.

For more information please follow this link Child Protection Awareness

Development squads have Halloween sessions

During the school mid-term, Rebel Og Coaching held some exciting training camps. Three sessions took place in Pairc Uí Chaoimh, a session in Mallow and Cork u14s squads travelled to Dublin with 90 players involved. 

Pat Spratt GDA held U14 Football squads session on Wednesday in Pairc Uí Chaoimh.

The squads in tweets below are from Shane Supple and Sean Crowley’s City and East squads at u13 grade.

Squads were Dublin bound with the U14s travelling as GDA James McCarthy tweet has squad photos below. 

Pat Spratt held trails in Mallow for players in Rebel Og North.