Rebel Óg Coaching Primary Schools Teacher Education Initiative

Rebel Óg Coaching (Cork GAA Games Development Committee) are offering teachers of Junior and Senior Infant classes in boys and mixed gender schools the opportunity to get some practical training in the delivery of Physical Education classes. The focus will be on physical literacy and fundamental movement skills and the training will be delivered by our team of Sport Ireland accredited tutors who currently work with Rebel Óg Coaching on a full time basis. Below are some of the key points of information for schools and teachers who may wish to sign up.


What format will the training take?

Rebel Óg Coaching personnel will come to the school and deliver a 30-40 minute session with teachers who are working with junior and senior infant classes. The session can be delivered with the class group and during school hours so that it can be assigned to the regular, weekly P.E. class. If schools have multiple junior and senior infant classes, then classes can be taken individually on the assigned day. The tutor will return 2-3 weeks after the first session to deliver further training and to discuss with teachers how their P.E. classes went in the interim.


When will the training start?

It is hoped to have teacher training started in schools by early February. However, once schools sign up, the tutor will contact the teacher involved to arrange  dates and times that are suitable to all parties.


Is there a cost to this training?

NO. There is no charge. However, teachers are expected to commit to the training and to deliver P.E. sessions focusing on fundamental movement skills in between the first and second training dates.


What facilities/equipment are required?

The facilities are what the teachers would normally have for P.E. on a weekly basis. Our tutors will work with whatever facilities are on site and this will mean teachers can see what is possible within their environment.

Equipment will be kept to a minimum and schools will not be required to purchase anything ahead of the training.


Is the training certified?                           

Teachers will receive a certificate of participation which will be given to them on the second day of the training module.


Is the training going to be GAA focused?

Though the training is being delivered by GAA coaches, the emphasis is on fundamental movements and therefore is not GAA specific. Most of the activities are based on movement and not on sports specific skills.


Is there a resource pack available?

The teachers will receive a copy of the content delivered for future reference. There will be a mix of games that can be delivered in the classroom for short bursts of activity along with yard/hall based content. Teachers will also be referred to further content on resources devised by National Coaching & Games and the Department of Sport.


How can schools sign up?

Please complete the form on the link below

            Schools should sign up no later than 1st February 2019.