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Tuesday, May 26, 7.30pm
Returning to Gaelic games post COVID – Keeping your squad fit and preventing injury


Wednesday, May 27,  8pm

Importance of Physical Literacy in Children with Dr Stephen Behan

Thursday, May 28, 7.30pm
Dr Aine Mcnamara & James Devane
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Tuesday, May 26th. Please click on the following link: https://learning.gaa.ie/gaacoachwebinar2020


Topic: Returning to Gaelic games post-Covid – Keeping your squad fit and preventing injury

This webinar will look at the issues facing GAA athletes in the current Covid-19 situation and how to address them. We look at the return to play post-Covid, and ways we can mitigate for time out of play.   We will look at specific ways of tailoring training to avoid injuries both in the ’small group scenarios’ and also in the main group training when players return. We will discuss injury prevention and recovery strategies to use with your players during a condensed playing calendar.
Presenter: Eamon O’Reilly

Eamon is a chartered physiotherapist and clinic lead of SPARC South Dublin. He has worked with a number of intercounty teams in both football and hurling. He has worked with the Dublin hurlers since 2011. He has worked as a physiotherapist for the Irish International Rules team on 3 different series. He has also been involved in physiotherapy services for the Irish high-performance boxing teams. Eamon is also a currently serving member on the national GAA’s medical, scientific, and welfare committee. He also served on the sports science expert group for the GAA.  His main clinical area of expertise involves complex chronic athletic injuries around the hip including recurrent hamstring issues, abdominal and hip/groin issues.