Nursery Hurling: Values and Guidelines

This workshop will be presented by Damien Coleman, Connacht Hurling Development Manager. It will give to those in attendance an insight into “Best Practice” for coaching and developing our youngest and most vulnerable players.  It will explain the values and guidelines that have been meticulously developed over many years by the GAA’s Coaching & Games Department.

90% of the workshop is highly relevant to coaches of all sports and all ages as it is value based and values transcend all sports and all age grades. Those currently involved with young players will obviously find it beneficial, but it would also be an excellent starting point for those considering getting involved in coaching whether they are current players or people that have never lifted a hurl.

This is a good opportunity to recruit some new coaches for your club so maybe pick up the phone and ask some “potentials” to register. It will set them up nicely for maybe taking their first steps into coaching by signing on for one of the GAA’s excellent foundation courses held in every county.

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Register here for the session on Monday next, May 11, 8pm on Nursery Hurling: Value and guidelines, part one:

Webinar on Monday, May 18, will be on The Goalie – Number 1 on every  team.

This workshop is a must for all hurling coaches and is highly recommended for current and prospective goalkeepers. It will be presented by Martin Fogarty, National Hurling Development Manager and will look at all aspects of goalkeeping especially the requirements to be a teams No. 1 and the specialised training involved. The workshop will include priceless advice from some of the game’s greatest goalies.

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