Rebel Og North have announced some important information for their board witch will be part of the board for the running of 2018 season.

First of all I would like to apologise for the unusual emails that were sent from my account a virus got into it and it took until today before I was fully up and running.

  • There will be a fixtures meeting in the Mallow Gaa complex on Tuesday the 27th at 7.45 and a CCC at 7.15. It is imperative that all Clubs are present and all fixtures are agreed before the meeting. Once ratified they will not be changed, the date given is the last day the fixture can be played.
  • Championship draws will be held at this meeting.

Blank Championship draws 2018

  • Please find attached the proposed fixture list, U12 grouping, fixture date overview, Championship draws sheet and pitch sizes for u12 and u14.

pro 28-3-18

proposed u12 phase 1 groups

  • Any views expressed by the Delegates present at the meetings will supercede other correspondence from the Clubs. NB. no changes to ratified fixtures even if there is an agreement. Fixtures sent out before the meeting are proposed fixtures only, any agreed fixtures to be sent to the Secretary at least 24 hours before the meeting.
  • All Teams participating in B2 competitions must send me a copy of their panel of 18 before they play their second game. There will be severe penalties for any clubs playing players not on the panel sent into me. Any club who hasn’t sent their panels to me on time will have each game forfeited until I get it.
  • A fair play rule is in operation in all league North Cork fixtures but does not include semi-finals, finals or any Championship game. Where a club is struggling to field a team for a league game the game may proceed by playing 2 less than officially stated (A and B1 is 15 aside and B2 is 13 aside). All Clubs are expected to follow this policy.
  • Fines for any game conceded is €50 payable by the following meeting.
  • Any club owing money from last year please pay at this meeting.
  • Referees; There is a shortage in referees this year. Every club is being asked to provide a referee. The fee for refereeing a match has being risen to €40 per game which makes it well worth doing. The fee per match per club for the referee’s is €20 and €25 per club who do not provide a referee.
  • Referee; We are looking for people with a good Knowledge of our games and are a minimum age of 17. Full training will be provided and a Jersey will be provided. Please forward all names to me so I can organise the training.
  • Due to the number of squad days all league games will have to go ahead without squad players if they

are not available. 3 days grace is given for Championships

Mise le meas,

Peadar MacUait

Runaí, Rebel Óg Thuaidh

over view on dates 2018 25-2