Last day for contact details

Today is the final day for clubs to submit their contact details for Rebel Og Contact Book for 2018.

Entries will only be accepted today.

Rebel Og is now accepting contact details for club sectary at adult and underage section, we are also looking for details of manager of teams playing in Rebel Og leagues in County, Central, East, North and West in 2018. We are also looking for details on fixtures results official. This will need to be the person who will be responsible for submitting details at Minor to U12 within your club.

All details must be submitted online and can’t be accepted any other way. If you make a mistake or need to change anything, please fill in the form again, this will help ensure that there are no errors in details for 2018.

Details on the website will not be updated until February 12th, 2018 please click the box below to submit details.