Applications for amalgamations

Applications to form Independent teams (amalgamations) at underage level must be submitted annually in order for permission to be granted by the County Committee.
All clubs wishing to form new or existing underage independent teams at any age group from U12 to U21 for 2019 are asked to submit the following by Friday next, November 22.
Please send all replies to and they will be forwarded to the relevant committee, as appropriate.

Official emails will be required from both Clubs expressing their wish to join and please complete the attached form providing the following for each team (player lists may be attached separately in Excel):

  • Name of Adult Clubs combining
  • Name of Independent team
  • Officers
  • Age Groups for 2020
  • Code (hurling/football)
  • Full list of names and dates of birth for players eligible for 2020
    • *as per GAA Official Guide 6.17
      • U21 – a five years’ span
      • U20 down to U14/13 – a four years’ span
      • U12 – a three years’ span

As per Rule 3.19 (n), it is within the powers of the County Committee to allow U21, Minor or Younger Grade players of Clubs that are unable to field such teams to avail of a provision of Rule 6.8, exception (1) (a) or (b) and thus play with an Independent team. A player who plays for such an Independent team shall be a registered member of his Adult Club and shall retain membership of that Club during and at the conclusion of his playing participation with an Independent team formed under the Rule.

Please note that all players will remain members of their parent clubs and must be registered annually.

The County CCC has requested sight on all applications for 2020. The right to impose any other restriction it feels are necessary to ensure an Independent Team is fulfilling the role of providing games for players that otherwise would not be able to compete at the relevant age group is also reserved.

Please also note Rule 6.8 exception 1 (b), whereby a player without team from U21, Minor or Younger age group may play with another team within the County, still retaining membership of his Adult Club. If his new team has five or more such players the team must be recognised by the combined names of the Clubs or by an Independent name. This rule provides a lifeline to small Clubs who may not wish for their players to transfer to another Club if an Independent team is not possible.