U13 mini-league in Rebel Of North

Update from Pat Spratt GDA

Runaí, a chara,

I am getting a lot of feedback from clubs saying they would like if there was more games for players at the u13 grade.
If there is sufficient interest, I will organise a schedule of HURLING games for clubs as follows:

x Saturday afternoon at 1pm games begin, over a 3-4 week period in August/September
x 3 teams to a venue with each club getting 2 games
x Host Club must organise a referee.
x Games would be 7 a side reducing the need to bring up u12s (ideally all u13 players)
x There will be NO SOLOING just 4 steps and release the ball
x Opportunity to play different teams each week
x Novel format that in recent feedback is more enjoyable than the 15 a side game for players
x No finals as this is about giving boys some game time in a relaxed environment
Can clubs reply to me if they would be interested in taking part, but please don’t enter just for the sake of it,There’s nothing worse than a team not turning up to play while players from other teams look on.
Closing date to register a team will be 6pm Friday 27th July.

Can you all make sure the relevant coaches in your clubs get this message and reply to me ASAP if they are interested in participating in these games.

So far, the following clubs have entered:






St Marks