Silent sidelines


Today, we are asking that all clubs operate Go Games under “Silent Sidelines”.

What is Silent Sidelines you may ask?
Rules are simple:
No coaching from anyone on the sidelines.
One designated coach may give individual instructions when play is stopped.
No encroachment onto the field of play by anyone other than players and referee.

Parents/Supporters may applaud positive play.

Simply put, “Let Them Play”. A chance for the kids to just play without adult interference. All parents and coaches have the best intentions when they instruct kids from the sideline during matches. However, sometimes all the coaching/instructing can get overwhelming for the children. Coach says one thing, Mam or Dad says a different thing. Who should they listen to? Why are they spending a lot of the match looking at an adult giving them instructions?

With this in mind, we are asking all clubs to implement “Silent Sidelines” for all Go Games matches and blitzes this weekend.

What do we expect this will do?
1. Allow the child to just play the game as they see it. Who cares if they make mistakes, they will learn from it themselves.
2. Children get a chance to concentrate on the game and find their own solutions.

3. Allows the children to communicate with each other and make team decisions themselves.

Silent Sidelines has been used at youth sport worldwide and proved successful. This is a chance for adults to see that children do not need to be constantly instructed on the field of play. It is a chance for adults to actually sit back and watch the games without worrying about what to say next. It is a chance for children to make decisions without worrying about what Coach/Parent might say. An environment free from criticism and critique.

We ask that all clubs, coaches, parents and supporters just #LetThemPlay