Revised Code of Behaviour

Revised Code of Behaviour (Underage) 

As you are probably aware Croke Park is in the process of revising the current Code of Behaviour (Underage) following a process of consultation within our Association. The Code is a vital reference and policy document that is enshrined in Rule, it acts as a daily guidance to Clubs and County Committees in our work with children and it also directs us in fulfilling our legal safeguarding responsibilities.

 Unlike previous Codes the revised and updated version will be available, once completed,  online only and shall be available to download by GAA Clubs and members from as well as from the Rebel Óg website.

 A feature of the new Code is that each section has been designed to download as a standalone leaflet. This means that it will not be necessary for you or others to download the entire Code simply to access a particular section or even a subsection thus saving you time and the bother of printing multiple pages that may not be required at the time.

 Maintaining Good Practice and Behaviour- Section 3 of the Code of Behaviour (Underage)

The most sought-after section of the Code of Behaviour (Underage) has always been Section 3, now titled Maintaining Good Practice and Behaviour. This revised section outlines the minimum levels of behaviour we expect and accept from Young Players, from their Coaches, their Parents, our Clubs, Referees and Supporters. Containing 11 different downloadable leaflets I urge you to put the link or a copy of Maintaining Good Practice and Behaviour on your Club website and to pass on the attached copy to your fellow colleagues and to your club underage mentors.

Eoghan O’Connor

Children’s Officer

 Link to Maintaining Good Practice and Behaviour