New vetting system via Foireann

Dear Children’s Officers and Secretaires,

I wish to inform you that our new vetting system has gone live this morning Monday 4th of April. The
system is now part of Foireann and it is through this system that an individual will now apply to be
The Vetting process is still broken down into three steps. Which are outlined in further detail below.
A webinar on the new vetting system will take place on Tuesday 12th of April at 7pm. The webinar is
open to all to attend to be brought through the new system and will be recorded and available after.
Further details on how to register and submit any questions for the webinar will follow later this
Please note that you will now be required to update your Vetting section on your Club and County
websites. When doing so please place a link to our website as this is where the most up-to-date
information will be. Our website will be updated over the next few weeks with videos on the process
and the webinar.
How to apply for Vetting in the Gaelic Games Association
Step 1 Logging into Foireann
Log into your account on Foireann or create an account on Foireann
Please click on hyperlink for step-by-step guidance on how to apply for vetting on Foireann.

Step 2 Gaelic Games Vetting Invitation Form
Once logged into your account on Foireann please click on the Qualifications and Vetting tab and
then click Apply to be Vetted. Please ensure your current details on your profile are correct. Please
then select your Club and or Association you wish to be vetted for and the role you are applying for
It is now a requirement to upload a copy or screenshot of your Photo ID (passport or drivers’ licence)
and proof of your current address in the form of a Utility Bill (no more than 6 months old). You are
also required to print and sign the Gaelic Game Vetting ID Validation Form and upload this as part of
your vetting application. The full list of documents that are accepted for verification can be found
Your Club Children’s Officer will then check your ID Documentation and your signed Gaelic Games
Vetting ID Validation Form. If the documents are correct your application will be validated by your
Club Children’s Officer and submitted to the GAA. If the documents are not correct your Club
Children’s Officer will reject your application and you will be required to upload the correct

Step 3 Completing the National Vetting Bureau EVetting Application form
Once you complete the Gaelic Games Invitation Form the information provided is forwarded to the
NVB by the GAA and you will receive an online NVB Vetting Form to complete.