General Format of Féile

  • Féile Peile comprises of Host Clubs and visiting Teams
  • Host teams shall normally be clubs that are registered to participate within the U14 age group in the designated host Counties (Down, Louth and Meath)
  • The playing divisions shall be organised on the basis of 16 teams per division, composed of 8 host clubs and their visiting teams. Each Division is divided into four groups of four teams.
  • Games are 15 minutes a half
  • Teams play two games on Friday afternoon/evening in a central venue (where possible double pitch venue)
  • Host Club plays their visiting team on the Saturday Morning on your own Club Pitch (assuming your pitch meets health and safety standards)
  • Saturday afternoon (In Central Venue) Top two teams in Group play in Cup Quarter Final / Bottom two teams in Group play in Shield Quarter Final
  • Sunday – Semi-Finals & Finals (Central Finals Venues)