The GAA 5 Star initiative aims to support and recognise Primary Schools that provide pupils with 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous Gaelic Games activity per week in a manner that ensures the children will experience fun, friendship, fairness and ultimately improve their fitness.



What is a GAA 5 Star Centre?

Recognition as a “GAA 5 Star Centre” is awarded to Primary Schools that undertake to deliver a programme of Gaelic Games activity that is age-appropriate and meets the developmental needs of children within the school. In order to receive recognition as a “GAA 5 Star Centre” a Primary School must provide for the flexible delivery of the following activities over the course of a school-year:


What are the activities at a GAA 5 Star Centre?

These initiative’s are the activities of the GAA’s 5 Star Centre Initiative.

Have-a-Ball is a series of fun-based exercises that contribute to the development of rudimentary and fundamental movement skills among children aged 4-12 years.



GAA Fun & Run
is an activity – involving a team of batters/kickers and fielders – which is suitable for all age and ability levels.

It is particularly suited to meet the needs of people with disabilities, people from socially deprived and ethnic minority groups who often perceive themselves to be excluded from mainstream GAA activities.

It aims to provide people with a strong sense of Irish culture and heritage through a purposeful activity that will enable them to grow and maintain optimum participation across the full diversity of Irish community life.

To purchase the GAA Fun & Run equipment pack please  Click here


Camán & Play includes the organisation of the following activities:

  • Goal to Goal
  • Over the River
  • 3 Goals In
  • Wall Ball – including Target Shoot & 1 Wall Handball
  • Freestyle Hurling
  • 2-Ball Conquest
  • Lift & Strike
  • Indoor Hurling
  • Ground Hurling

Ground Hurling preserves ground striking of the ball and it is also an ideal introductory activity in non-traditional Hurling areas as well as providing a strong basis for cross-fertilisation with other sports such as hockey, ice-hockey, shinty and bandy.

Camán & Play activities can be adjusted to suit a mix of genders, ages and/or abilities.


Catch & Kick involves modified versions of Gaelic football, which focus on the fundamental skills of catching and kicking the ball and includes activities such as:

  • Goal to Goal
  • Over the River
  • 3 Goals In
  • Wall Ball – including Target Shoot
  • Freestyle Football
  • 2-Ball Conquest
  • 7 v 7 (2 touch; 1 touch)
  • Indoor Football
  • Ground Football – players permitted to catch the ball when in flight


The GAA Go Games Skill Challenges aim to encourage children (aged 7-12 years) to improve their hurling/camogie and Gaelic football skills.

It is intended that children will be intrinsically motivated to challenge themselves to improve their skills, with a particular emphasis on bilateral coordination. Children gauge their own progress, such as setting distances and recording their own scores.

The challenges can be taken either indididually or with a partner almost anywhere (at home, the club, school etc.). The challenges provide a good opportunity for coaches, teachers and parents/guardians to collaborate efforts to improve the children’s Gaelic games skills.


Links to different skills required for this activity can be found here Click Here


Go Games are small-sided versions of Hurling and Gaelic Football which have been devised for children up to and including 11 years of age.

As such they are subject to Rule 6.26 of the Official Guide – Under 13 and Younger Age Groups under the section Games & Competitions – Club Championships. This Rule states that ‘Games in the Under 11 and younger age groups shall be organised on the Go Games model, as approved by Central Council.’


The policy under which Go Games must be organised, as approved by Central Council and the following principles underpin Go Games:

  • All participants play in the full game.
  • Participant needs are catered for, where possible, on the basis of two year age cohorts i.e. U.7, U.9 & U.11 in a manner consistent with the ethos of Go Games.
  • Activities are structured in a manner which optimises the level of fun, friendship, fair play and achievement derived by participants.
  • Participants train and play in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment where they are encouraged to risk error, to learn and to derive maximum enjoyment from their involvement.
  • Players master the basic skills of Hurling and Gaelic Football and experience the sense of accomplishment, which derives from acquiring playing proficiency on the left and right hand side of the body.
  • Everybody involved in Go Games, whether as players, parents/guardians, spectators, mentors, teachers, officials etc., should adhere to the key underpinning principles and give expression to the GAA ‘Give Respect, Get Respect’ initiative.

Organising Go Games
To apply to organise a Go Games Tournament or Blitz between more than one Club or School download the application form here


Who will deliver the activities at a GAA 5 Star Centre?

The activities will ideally be delivered by the Teacher/s in the school. Recognising that Teachers have different levels of competence and confidence when it comes to the organisation of Gaelic Games, the GAA’s full-time Games Development personnel will act in a support capacity and will provide assistance, training and up-skilling to Teachers.


Why has the GAA 5 Star Centre been developed?

The GAA 5 Star Centre is a key initiative of the GAA’s Play to Stay WeLL (Wellbeing & Lifelong Learning) Programme. The 5 Star Centre has been developed by the GAA’s National Games Development Department for two reasons.

Firstly, the GAA 5 Star Centre is a means of encouraging and rewarding schools that provide pupils with 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week. This is important as it is currently estimated that 18% of Primary School pupils receive 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per day and 1 in 9 Irish children are now classified as overweight (CSPPA, 2010).

Secondly, the GAA 5 Star Centre is a means of recognising the pivotal role that Primary Schools and Primary School Teachers have played in the promotion and development of Gaelic Games and Irish Cultural Heritage since the foundation of the GAA in 1884. Teachers have been hugely influential in the development of intrinsic motivation among primary school children and in providing them with the sense of competence, confidence and resilience, which benefits from and contributes to the development of effort and growth mind-set. This contributes in no small way to lifelong engagement with the promotion of community and sporting wellbeing.


How can your School become a GAA 5 Star Centre?

A Primary School can apply online to become a GAA 5 Star Centre. Applications for registration as a GAA 5 Star Centre will be accepted until July 31st for the following school year. Applications will be a two-step process to include online registration and a planning meeting with a member full-time Games Development personnel.


What benefits does a GAA 5 Star Centre receive?

Becoming a GAA 5 Star Centre is optional. However, Primary Schools that do register as a GAA 5 Star Centre on an annual basis will benefit as follows

The School will be listed as an accredited GAA 5 Star Centre on the GAA website and will receive a GAA 5 Star Flag for display in the School;

The planning and preparation for the delivery of the GAA 5 Star Centre will contribute to the usage of Croke Park Hours as per DES Circular 0042/2016;

The School will receive discounted access to the Teacher Summer Courses, GAA Coach Education Courses and the GAA Games Development Coaching Conference;

The School will be entered into an annual draw to win one of a number of prizes with an overall value of €20,000 including:

  • Equipment vouchers;
  • class trips to Croke Park for a Museum & Stadium Tour;
  • GAA Fun & Run equipment packs;
  • sets of leisure gear for the Teachers in the School;
  • a school-visit from a GAA 5 Star Centre Ambassador (current Inter-County player);
  • Sports Days in the National Games Development Centre in Abbotstown.

After three year’s consecutive participation as a GAA 5 Star Centre, the School will be listed as a recipient of the GAA WeLL-Mark (WeLL: Well-being & Lifelong Learning). The WeLL-Mark serves to recognise those Schools that are actively promoting Wellbeing & Lifelong Learning through Gaelic Games on a self-sufficient and sustainable basis. Recipient Schools will be invited to a Gala Awards Ceremony.






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