Rebel Og Awards Partners

  • Feb 22,2017

Looking towards 2017, Rebel Og are delighted that the following will be Rebel Og Awards partners for 2017. 

Our main sponsors of the Rebel Og awards are Clayton Hotel Sliversprings. Who are now moving in to their 3rd year as the main sponsors of the Rebel Og awards. Lead and represented at our Rebel Og dinners by Joe O'Callaghan, General Manager, and Norina O'Callaghan Marking Manager.  

Each month, Kevin Cummins of Cummins Sports provides our trophy that is presented each month to the monthly winner. Cummins have been with the Rebel Og awards since its inception six years ago. 

Red FM are our joint media partners of the Rebel Og Award, each month the winner of the monthly award is interviewed by the "Big Red Bench" team Rory or Lisa and their interview is played over airways.  Like Cummins Sports, Redfm have been involved in the awards over the six years. 

Rebel Og are delighted to welcome our new media partners of the Rebel Og Awards with the Evening Echo coming on board as our print media partners. Each month, the 'The Echo' will cover photos of each monthly winners awards dinner. Rebel Og would like to welcome Karen, Nicola, and Rory along with the Sports teams in the Echo to the awards. 

You can nominate someone for the Rebel Og Award by going to