Description of the new grades in Rebel Og regions for 2017

  • Feb 14,2017

Following meetings between the the Gradings Committee and the Regional Committees the Grading Committee has now decided that all regional teams in the North, West, & East Regions will now be Graded A & B,  as listed below.

  • Grade A 15 aside For ( Teams Graded A in each Region)
  • Grade B 1, 15 aside For ( Teams Graded B in each Region)
  • Grade B 2, 13 aside For ( Teams who are strong but do not have enough numbers to compete at B 1 @ 15 aside )  NOTE:  Change from 12 aside to 13 aside
  • Grade B 3, 11 aside For ( Teams who are very weak in Numbers & would not compete with B2 Teams)  NOTE:  Change from 12 aside to 11 aside. 

The B2 & B3 grades, replacing the old C and D where used, will be determined following the agreement of all parties on the A & B1 Grades this new grading system will be County wide 

The recommended soft border (8 team group) will apply where numbers permit.  Some arrangement may have to be put in place if and where numbers are smaller.