Non-Exam Regulations

Gach Rúnaí,


The following will apply to the Non Examination Leagues for the coming year

1.                   In the event of teams finishing level on points, qualification for the final will be decided on scores conceded. In the event of team having identical scores conceded, then the positions will be determined on the result of the game(s) involving the teams concerned.

2.         Games arrangements                   Hurling:           Saturdays                     Football:          Tuesdays

            Only by agreement of clubs may a game be brought forward/put back 24 hours.  In no circumstance may a game        be played outside the weekly schedule.  In the event of change, clubs are obliged to have such alterations            finalised by the Monday, 5.00 pm for Hurling and Wednesday, again 5.00 pm for Football, prior to the particular      fixture in order that a referee may be appointed.

3.         All games to be timed for 7.30 pm. except by agreement

4.         If a referee fails to attend, clubs are to agree on a referee to ensure that the game is played.  Failure to do so will result in the game being declared null and void.

5.         Fines In the event of a team conceding a Walk Over will be as per Coiste na nÓg Regulations.          

            A team conceding a walk over, and still in contention for a qualifying place in the competition will have a 12 point (in 12 a side grade)  or 15 point deficit (in 15 a side grade) added as a score against them for the particular walk over.

6.         In the event that a club is found to have played a Leaving Certificate Student or Applied Leaving Certificate Student, all points won in which that Student(s) played will be awarded to the opposing side(s).  All infringements of this offence will be dealt with by means of a fine(s) according to the number of games in which the Student(s)  participated. Clubs should be advised that where Leaving Certificate Student(s)  participate in this competition he/they would not be covered for insurance in the event of an injury.

7          Clubs are urged to check with opponents, if in doubt, regarding clubs colours, to avoid a direct clash.


8.         Results:            The Home team will be responsible for forwarding the result to the official texting service.                                Please make sure that the correct score is recorded.

                                    In this event you should check with the Referee before submitting the result.